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What we do....

At ipBuild we offer a complete high-end 3d asset creation service, from concept design right through to delivery of the textured 3d models, ready to drop in and use in your production. Whether you require highly detailed and realistic environments, stylized cartoon characters or creatures that are bursting with life, our dedicated team of artists can deliver the models you need, to your specifications, when you need them.

….the benefits of working with us.

Resource Management

Free up your internal artist resources to concentrate on other areas of the project, allowing you to assign your artists where you really need them.

Lower your costs

Relieve yourself of the cost and associated administrative overhead of coordinating a team of modelers and texture artists. We take this on, leaving you more time to concentrate on the rest of the project.

Quality Assurance

Be confident that you will receive assets of a consistent high quality and finish. We build to your requirements, ensuring that you receive the models that you need, without the hassle and stress of building internally.

Creative Input

Calling on our many years of experience creating high end assets, since 2001, we are happy to put our accumulated knowledge to use and make recommendations as to how best tackle builds and fix problems, if required.

How we work with you.

Step 1: We listen to your requirements

The first stage of any build is to listen carefully to your requirements to find out exactly what it is you want. To assist us in ensuring that you are completely happy with your assets, only once we are completely clear on your requirements do we progress to the next phase.

Step 2: Concept and Design

Based on your brief we will produce several initial concepts, a few of which can be selected to be progressed and finessed further, until we have a final approved design. If you already have clear designs and concept artwork for your assets, we can progress directly onto the asset build phase.

Step 3: Asset Build: Model and Texture

During the build process we send you regular updates to track the progress of the models and maps creation. Enabling you to give feedback and comment as required. We incorporate your feedback as we progress through the build.

Step 4: Sign Off and Delivery

Only once the finalized assets have been approved and signed off - our brief fulfilled - do we package all of the meshes and texture maps and upload to our secure ftp for you to download at your convenience.

  • 3D Assets



Services that we provide.

Concepting and Design

From taking the initial brief and creating 2d concept designs to mocking up rough 3d character sculpts. We've got all aspects of the asset conceptualization and design covered.

3d Modelling and Sculpting

Based on approved designs and concepts, we build the high-end 3d assets for you. We specialize in hard-surface polygon and subdivision surface modelling for environments and props, alongside high resolution sculpting and subdivision modelling for creatures and characters.

Surfacing and Texturing

Photorealistic and stylized texturing and surfacing. We create all surface property maps that you will require for your assets. We give as much love to creating perfect UV's as we do to every other part of the creation process.

About Us

The sibling studio of Interference Pattern, ipBuild’s team has a extensive, proven track record, of producing high end 3d assets for commercials, broadcast, game trailers and fmv, feature films and interactive media. We lovingly lavish attention on your models, bringing our trademark attention to detail to every project, ensuring that all of our assets meet your requirements and your expectations.